University of Birmingham African Caribbean Society

Mentorship Scheme – ACS Inspire

Calling all ACS members!

The UOB ACS is proud to present our mentorship scheme “ACS Inspire”

Are you a first year who needs careers advice, living advice and a older sibling at uni? We’ve got just that. If you’re a part of this scheme then you’ll be partnered up with a second or third year who can help you with anything from coursework to careers advice to a good night out. 

Are you a penultimate or final year student looking for a head start into your future career? Well we’ve got just the thing for you. Well get you partnered up with a mentor from our partner firms who matches your ambitions. Their insight will give you just the cutting edge you need to ace your interview, smash that assessment centre and turn heads in the work place (for the right reasons). 

Registration will commence at our meet and greet on October 1st and ACS Inspire will be launched in November!

Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity. 

For any queries email us!

We look forward to seeing you in October :)

Your UOB ACS team