University of Birmingham African Caribbean Society

Message From The President

My names Emmanuel and I’m the University of Birmingham ACS president – welcome to our website.
The UoB ACS is here to provide an amazing university experience for African and Caribbean students and host amazing events and initiatives to give you chances to feel at home. We offer traditional African and Caribbean experiences and chances to socialise and really grow whilst here at uni. 
The ACS committee is dedicated to making sure that all of our members feel welcomed and included in all that we do and we also strive to give you a wide range of events and opportunities to really help your uni experience. One of our aims is to create an amazing community for our members whether you’re a fresher or final year student.
Last year our members were treated to a variety of events ranging from careers events, like Achieve. Believe. Inspire. to socials like The ACS Valentines Special. Also, we hosted many culturally focused events such as Afrofusion, a trip to the Liverpool slavery museum and capped it off with our end of year event with Aston ACS – Legacy Ball! Legacy Ball was an amazing way to end off a great year with celebration and good vibes and we hope to see you there in June 2016! 
This year we’ve got so many new things planned for you guys, including the mentorship scheme we’ll be launching in November. We’ve also got great opportunities that will be provided in partnership with our partners and sponsors that we know will be amazing for all of our members and I look forward to you guys getting involved.
This year the UoB ACS should be the biggest and best ACS yet and I personally can’t wait for you all to be a part of that.
See you soon!
El Presidente